Sunday at Paradise Chapel




This past Sunday morning, Kayo, myself, and 3 of the Bible college students were able to go over to Paradise Chapel down in Naha.  Kayo and I led worship and I had the privilege of teaching the morning message.  We studied James 1:2-8 about how to overcome when trials come our way.  It was my first time teaching in an all Japanese church service with no translation.

After church, Mei-Lee brought out some curry (sorry, no picture, but it was delicious) and we all ate together.  Then we spent the next hour playing guitars, piano and an electronic table top drum set.  In the bottom picture, on the left side are the Bible college students, Po’okela (wearing the hat), Martin and Taliya with the guitar.  On the right side are Yuta (at the piano), his brother Bunta and his sister Ririka.  It was a great time.



Amazing View–Yagaji and Kouri Islands

A few weeks ago, Kayo and I went up to Nago for the Sunday morning service at Calvary Chapel Nago.  After the service we decided to take a short drive before heading back to Ginowan.  So we drove up to Yagaji Island and Kouri Island.  The sky and ocean looked beautiful, so we stopped a couple places to take pictures.





These shots are from on the way to Yagaji Island.  (I just realized that I never took any picture on Yagaji.  It’s a really nice, spacious island.)



This is the view from Kouri Island.  You can see Yagaji Island and Okinawa Island in the background.  The bridge to Kouri was built around 15 years ago.  The guy who designed it is a really nice guy who comes to the Tuesday night English class I co-teach.


Prayer Request

Hey everyone, we just found out this morning that an island north of us had some very bad flooding yesterday.  Amami Island is north of Okinawa, near the bottom of Kagoshima Prefecture.  The rain reached the 1896 record for most rain in one day.  Two people have died from the flooding and one person is missing.  Also, 138 elementary through middle school students were trapped at their school yesterday.  Please keep the people on Amami Island in your prayers.  And please pray that the churches on the island will be able to use this time to share Christ’s love with the people on the island.


Okinawan Sky 沖縄の空



We are at the beginning of typhoon season here in Okinawa.  Okinawa weather is very crazy.  One moment it is a blue sky outside and then next thing you know its pouring rain.  Here are some pictures I took recently, either right before it rained or right after.


Minna Island 水納島

Yesterday, the guys (and Amanda) took a trip out to Minna Island to do some snorkeling and swimming.  Minna Island is a small island west of Motobu town.  It is also called the croissant island because of its shape.  I didn’t realize how popular the island is, but we found out when we went to get our tickets for the ferry and were told we had to wait for the next boat to leave.  The main attraction is, of course, the beach.  They do all kinds of water sports out there, and there are some good diving spots as well.  I believe I heard that the population is around 40 people living on the island.  There is an elementary school and a middle school on the island, and a very small group of houses.  Other than that, it seemed like everything else was focused on the beach.  It’s a beautiful place and the water is extremely clear.  Please take a look at the pictures below.


Calvary Chapel Iruma

Dan and Mihoko Image872 (2)

Yesterday, Dan Bolinger invited us up to Iruma to have lunch and visit the church.  After a delicious meal (chili and cornbread!), we went over to Ai no Kyoukai church, where they are using one of the buildings for CC Iruma.  Don’t worry, the picture above isn’t the church, it’s the building next door that Dan is cleaning up.  It was great to see what God is doing in Iruma.  Thanks Dan and Mihoko-san!


Tokorozawa, West Tokyo and Fuchu

Image856 (2)  Kayo and I were planning to go to CC West Tokyo on Sunday morning and CC Tokorozawa on Sunday evening, but as it turned out, they were having their annual joint service at Kukokoen Park that morning.  After the worship and teaching, we all ate our bentos together and then got a game of Volleyball going.  (I think West Tokyo won.  Santo-san was tearing up the field.)  It was great to see Rusty and Amber again.  If I remember right, their baby is due in December.  Congrats!


 Image859 (2)Image868 (2)

Sunday evening we went over to CC Fuchu to hang out with Rich and Candice and the gang.  Michael and Jiai met us at the train station and we all went over for a BBQ.  The church and the school is growing and it was great to find out that Aki is translating and Mariko is leading worship now. 


America Trip



Well, actually, greetings from Tokyo.  Our 3 week trip in America came to an end on Thursday, and now we are about to leave Tokyo and head back to Okinawa.  We had a great time in America.  God gave us time to spend with family and friends who I hadn’t seen in 3 years, and who Kayo had never met before.  Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and even a short trip to Rock Falls, Illinois; the trip with packed but was a blessing because of all the people we were able to see.  I’ll try to post pictures from the trip soon.


Wedding Pictures!

Thank you all so much for all your prayer and support.  Kayo and my wedding was amazing, thanks to everyone there.  We could really feel that the place was filled with God’s love, not because of Kayo and me, but because of everyone who came to support us as one big family.  It’s been a few months, and Kayo and I are doing well.  We wanted to share some pictures with you from the wedding.  For those of you who are in the States, we hope to see you if, God willing, we are able to visit Iowa this summer.


2 Weeks Away


Kayo and I will be having our wedding ceremony in two weeks, on Feb. 20th, here in Okinawa.  The preparations are continuing and God has been providing in amazing ways.  Thanks for all your prayers.


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